Foals 2019

The 2019 foals have started to arrive and we are delighted with our new arrivals.

14th April - Koren of Carlung had a lovely strong filly by Vanaffric of  Forglen. We are delighted with her arrival as this is the first filly Koren has had in 10 years after leaving us some lovely colts !                               

16th April - Sapphire of Carlung had her first foal, another lovely filly by Vanaffric of Forglen.

6th May - Poppy of Carlung after three colts has had her first daughter, a lovely filly by Carlung Feargus.

7th May - two new arrivals ! A beautiful filly for Nymph of Carlung by Carlung Jed...... closely followed by a lovely colt for Tower Briar Rose by Carlung Feargus !

Nymph's filly foal by Carlung 

Rose's colt foal by Carlung Feargus

14th May - Quantro of Carlung had a lovely colt by Vanaffric of Forglen

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